Thursday, January 17, 2013

My worst nightmare...

After scrambling for my keys this morning, throwing about 10 outfits out of my closet and emptying my bucket-o-shoes, and digging in my massive purse full of junk to find my badge, I barely made it to work on time. My entire work day left me unsettled, feeling as if I was accomplishing nothing. As I walked out of the building at days end, what can only be described as monsoon-esqe rain hammered away at my body. My mad dash to the car proved useless, leaving me a soppy puddle of a mess.

When I arrived home I looked around and realized something- although my home is clean, it is an organizational nightmare. My daily search for keys, eye glasses, cell phone, etc have left my flustered and always in a rush. For a month now I have eaten healthy and taken great care of myself. I think it is time that I apply this mindset to the rest of my life. So now...WE ORGANIZE!

I searched through Pinterest to try and find some good strategies to help me do this efficiently, without making my apartment even more of a disaster. The most common concept of home organization was to tackle one thing every day. I feel like this is something I can definitely do! This would be something that can get accomplished easily for even a very busy person.

Day One: Organize our dresser

I took the time to sort through our main dresser, containing pajamas, socks, undergarments, and workout clothes. I decided to get rid of anything that was overly worn, torn, etc. I continued by separating out the items that I wear on a regular basis and that fit well into my wardrobe. Anything I haven't worn in over 3 months (or that I can't remember wearing recently) decidedly goes in the trash. Success! Tomorrow- our closet!

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