Monday, November 12, 2012

DIY: Charming Rustic Christmas Ornaments

Happy Holidays Everyone! This is my first DIY blog, so bear with me please! I like to make and sell these rustic style Christmas ornaments, or even sometimes I give a small set as a gift! Now I know that these are on Pinterest and Etsy, because I have pinned them and I have sold them. But any who, I'm sure someone has done them before because they aren't that difficult to make! This year in order for me to get into the holiday spirit, I figure that I would show you how! These ornaments are very easy to make and you can customize them to your liking. Most of your materials can be purchased at your local craft store or Walmart. I say go for the craft store because they usually have a good coupon to cut back on price- every bit helps! However, if you are an avid crafter, you may even be like me and have most of these materials already in your home. On that note, please excuse my ugly, beat up,been to craft battles well worn glue gun. She's gotten me through many boring nights :)

• Yarn, twine, lace, rope, etc...
• Hot glue gun with glue sticks*
• Pack of plain Christmas ornaments.(I got a 12 pack from Family Dollar for $1.00)
• Scissors*

*Make sure children are supervised when using this material

Step One:

Gather your materials and open any packaging to set up a clean work space for yourself. Make sure you are close enough to an outlet if you need to plug in your glue gun, and plug it in with glue inside of the gun.

Step Two:

Remove the top of the ornament if necessary (this should come off easily, otherwise don't remove it.)

Step Three:

Choose a yarn, twine, rope, lace, etc. for your first ornament.

Step Four:
Using your glue gun, which should be hot by now, carefully make a circle around the top of the ornament with your glue. You can do this by applying light pressure to the trigger of your glue gun. IMPORTANT- have your yarn ready for use as soon as you put glue on the plain ornament.

Step Five:

Take the end of your yarn and begin to lay it on top of the glue in the same circular pattern you put the hot glue onto the ornament.Continue around for 2-3 full circles. It should look like this:

Step Six:

Start to wind your yarn in random loops around the ornament, as if you were making a yarn ball, occasionally put small dots of hot glue to hold down your yarn. Remember to try to keep the yarn somewhat tight when making your loops!

Step Seven:

When you achieve your desired look, cut the yarn with scissors, and using a small amount of hot glue, glue the end of the yarn to the ornament. Try to find a spot where it blends in to hide the end!

Step Eight:

If you removed the top of your ornament in the beginning, this is the point where you reattach it. Use a small amount of hot glue on the inside of the 'cap' of the ornament, and gently press down to secure it. Allow the ornament to dry for about a minute. Ta-Da!

You can add any kind of embellishments you like, or leave it plain! In my next tutorial I will teach you how to make a felt flower to add as an embellishment if you like!

Hope you enjoy keeping these little treasures for your tree, or spreading a little holiday cheer and giving them to family and friends!

If you have any questions or comments, please let me hear them!
Feel free to pin, re-blog, or share as much as you like from my site- just give a girl a little credit ;)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

PIN-A-HOLICS Anonymous

Hello. My name is Deanna Marie, and I have a problem. I am a pin-a-holic. As most ladies (and some gents too) in the U.S. and other parts of the world will tell you, they have been on Pinterest, and they are well, addicted :). To quote a movie that always makes me giggle a bit, "I think this is a perfectly normal, natural thing." As a culture, we love to see what everyone else is eating, wearing, working out with, photographing, tattooing, cleaning with, painting on our nails, making as a gift, becoming inspired by, etc... We have always wanted the best. The most creative. The most interesting. And there lies the root of our addiction obsession  interest. And it is okay! So here is my evil plan.....muah ha ha hahaha. I kid, I kid. It's  not that evil, nor is it a very well planned plan. Hmm did I say that right? Eh, enough rambling. I am going to take all of the wonderfulness I can off of Pinterest, and I am going to either attempt to cook it, craft it, photograph it, recreate it, and then add some of my own creativity to Pinterest as well! Then I will report back to you with everything; the good, the bad, and the ugly. Be ready for part one coming to you tomorrow and I will try my hardest to provide you with something to keep you coming back for more.